Solutionism: using tried and tested approaches to confront global challenges

Solutionism: The belief that all difficulties have solutions

Solutionist: A solver of problems

Wherever I go, I hear people asking for solutions to transforming our food system into a more sustainable one. While there are no silver bullets, I believe that it is important to look at the approaches that are working and understand how they can be used to inspire people, organizations, businesses and governments around the world. By exchanging solutions we can learn how to more effectively confront major global challenges. We all have the opportunity to become solutionists.

A great starting point to becoming a food policy solutionist is checking out the new Solutions Menu: A Nordic Guide to Sustainable Food Policy. For the first time, the most innovative food policy solutions in the Nordic Region have been collected in a single document. The 24 policy examples demonstrate how a shift towards more sustainable food consumption is possible. The different solutions span the areas of nutrition, food culture and identity, public food and meals, food waste and sustainable diets.

Each solution represents a tangible step to address a specific issue; together they represent a new and holistic approach to food policy. They are also testament to the fact
that soft policies can deliver solutions and play a significant role in pursuing ambitious national and international goals.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of this document. This is based on the belief that a document can only have an impact if it is read and used.

I can already see that there is a need for a vol. 2 of the Solutions Menu as there are so many other solutions to include.

As Editor-in-Chief of the Solutions Menu, it has been a pleasure work with my colleagues at the Nordic Food Policy Lab to develop this document and share it with the world. Please feel free to leave your comments about the Solutions Menu below. And be sure to mention any concrete solutions that you may have!

Click here for the press release about the Solutions Menu.

Please be sure to get in contact if you have further questions about the Solutions Menu.

Solutions Menu 3
The Solutions Menu identifies the characteristics of successful food policies in the Nordic Region


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