What’s the social impact of a fly?

“Most people put profit at the centre,
but I think that we need to
put the why – why are we doing this? – at the centre.”
– Co-founder and CEO of AgriProtein, Jason Drew

In December 2017, I travelled to South Africa to conduct a preliminary study on the social impact of Agriprotein and The BioCycle’s operations.

AgriProtein, an award-winning company, has developed and tested a new large scale and sustainable source of natural protein using fly larvae fed on existing organic waste. The bioconversion process takes organic waste streams from food factories, supermarkets, farms and restaurants, and recycles these into valuable products: an insect-based complete protein – MagMeal™, an extracted fat – MagOil™ and a rich residual soil conditioner – MagSoil™.

The BioCycle is a sustainable business, developing commercially viable and scalable processes for the bio-conversion of human faecal waste into valuable products, using Agriprotein’s Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae processing technology.

Click here to read the full report.



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