Takeaways from the Designing Your Menu of Food Policy Solutions for Sustainable Diets Policy Lab @ EAT Stockholm Food Forum

The 2030 due date for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is just 12 years away. Food policy plays a major role in determining whether we will make or break this deadline. But where should we start, how can we broaden our policy repertoire
and how can we scale up the ambition level together?

The experience of Nordic food policy partnerships for nutrition has shown that it’s possible to advance health and sustainability by employing a diverse set of tools and by combining bottom-up and top-down approaches. This is partly because partnerships have been designed with clear frameworks in mind. We are all aware of the need for devising practical solutions that can facilitate the shift to healthier and more sustainable diets.

During the EAT Stockholm Food Forum in June 2018, the Nordic Food Policy Lab held a policy lab to harvest fresh ideas about how soft food policies (i.e. non-invasive policies that enjoy support from a range of actors) can help transform the way that nations eat.

This brief is based on a policy lab that I facilitated. It provides a detailed account of some of the discussions that took place during the ‘Designing your menu of food policy solutions for sustainable diets policy lab’ at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum in 2018. Continue reading to understand how ‘stubborn optimists’ are creating tangible solutions to complex global challenges.

Read the entire policy brief here

_JAL0839 (2).jpg
Discussing different approaches to soft food policy around the world 


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