Urban food policy, a vehicle for change


Urban food systems are a driver of climate change, but they are also at risk from it.

Comprising no less than 20-30% of global greenhouse emissions, the contribution of the food system to climate change requires a new form of leadership. Cities – hosting over half the world’s population – play a significant role in mitigating the negative impacts that unsustainable dietary habits have on the planet.

From innovative plant-centric public meals to food waste reduction campaigns, large and small actions are having significant ripple effects.

Read the rest of this Nordic Way article that I wrote by clicking here.


And while you’re are here, I would like to talk the chance to invite you to the following talks that we are hosting at COP24

1. Morning talk with Afton Halloran 
7 December // 09:30-10:00 // Nordic Pavilion (H14 Pavilion Area)
Kicking off the “Creating Urban Futures” thematic day at the Nordic Pavilion. This morning talk will discuss the challenges and opportunities that an urban future presents for our food system

2. Urban Urgency: Food Policy at Play*
7 December // 14:30-16:00 // Nordic Pavilion (H14 Pavilion Area)

A living policy lab, defining how cities of the future will expedite the impactful changes to consumption patterns that we so urgently need.

Pitchers – Pitching new ideas for urban food policy
• Dr. Christina Tirado – Director of International Climate Initiatives at the Center for Urban Resilience, Loyola Marymount University, USA
• Joan Krajewski – General Manager of Compliance, Safety and Sustainability at Microsoft
• David Pedersen – Campaign Manager, ProVeg Germany

Catchers – Catching new ideas and assessing their future applicability
• Jisun Hwang – Senior Climate Advocacy and Policy Officer based at the ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability World Secretariat
• Dr. Tania Osejo – Climate Adaptation Specialist at the World Food Programme
• Gunilla Elsässer – Director of Food, Climate & Energy at WWF Sweden
Moderated by: Dr. Afton Halloran – Freelance consultant in Sustainable Food Systems Transitions

*Organized by the Nordic Food Policy Lab of the Nordic Council of Ministers

3. ReCharge Mingle with the Nordic Food Policy Lab
7 December // 17:00-19:00 // Nordic Pavilion (H14 Pavilion Area)
If it’s not tasty, it’s not a solution! Join the Nordic Food Policy Lab to celebrate the end of the first week of COP24! We’re serving up climate-smart drinks and snacks – so bring a friend and get ready to mix and mingle with us. Cheers to creative and refreshing climate action!

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