It’s podcast time!

Looking for something to listen to? Well… I have some recommendations for you!

I absolutely love listening to podcasts. It’s also a lot of fun to be invited to be a guest on a podcast. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the chance to chat with Dr. Antonella Kahler of the Female Project podcast and the team at the AgriBusiness Academy Podcast. Read more about each podcast and have a listen to the episodes below!

EP 17 - SM Image 1.png


In this episode, I spoke to Dr. Kahler about how we need to move beyond just seeing food as fuel. In fact, food is so much more than that. By changing our eating habits we have the potential to positively influence not just our own health, but that of our planet.

Click here to listen


In this episode, I spoke with Tom Chant and Dr. Tatiana LeGrand about the potential overlap between sustainable food systems and future foods. I also provide some insights for businesses who are eager to get into the future foods space.

Click here to listen

***BONUS ***


Roberto Flore and I spoke with our good friend, Dan Saladino, about how our passion for working with insects arose and what we have learned about the future of food from our journeys around the world. This was recorded last year, but it’s a timeless story.

Click here to listen

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