We’ve surpassed the 30,000 individual downloads mark!

Never shy away from setting ambitious goals! I just received this lovely email from a Senior Editor at Springer Nature Publishing:

“I wanted to touch base to send congratulations since your book, Edible Insects in Sustainable Food Systems, just passed the 30,000 individual downloads mark. This is a major accomplishment since the average Springer book gets less than 5,000 downloads in its first full year of publication. In your first full year you got over 20,000 downloads, and already 4,000 in the first quarter of 2019. It’s naturally to see a falloff in year two, but in your case it looks like we’ll be right up around 20,000 again which is incredible… Thanks again for your hard work in getting this book together. It has surpassed my already high expectations performance-wise.”

Thanks to my co-editors Roberto Flore, Nanna Roos and Paul Vantomme as well as everyone who contributed chapters to the book!

Do you want the same kind of results? Are you looking for someone to write or edit your next book project? I am passionate about the future of food! Get in touch and let’s make it happen! You can also find out more about my other publications here.

Download your copy of Edible Insects in Sustainable Food Systems here.

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