The Power of Sustainable Gastronomy

I just got back from the EAT Stockholm Food Forum! What a great four days. It was fantastic to participate in lots of interesting conversations and side-events.

In a highly collaborative effort, I have been contributing to the development of a number of documents that describe sustainable gastronomy initiatives around the world. All of this information was presented at the EAT Forum during a side-event co-organized by the Nordic Food Policy Lab, HIVOS, IFOAM, Slow Food International, Ethos Mexico and WWF.

Democratising good food: Mapping Sustainable, Inclusive and Healthy Gastronomy Initiatives

Who are the people behind sustainable, inclusive and healthy gastronomy initiatives around the world? How do these frontrunners operate? What results are they achieving? What can we learn from these initiatives? In this brief, we answer these questions and present a preliminary global mapping of sustainable gastronomy initiatives.

Interactive Map of Sustainable Gastronomy Initatives

Here you can find the interactive map of over 100+ sustainable gastronomy initiatives worldwide. The online map will be updated periodically. If you would like to have your initiative included on the map, please get in touch with me by sending an email to afthal (at)

Healthy and Sustainable Gastronomy Initiatives in Action

Deep dives into five successful gastronomy initiatives from Costa Rica, Bolivia, South Africa, Indonesia and the Nordic region. Find them here.

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