The Future of New Nordic Food (Part 2)

Here comes Part 2 of the Future of New Nordic Food series that I have been writing for the New Nordic Food Programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Did you miss Part 1? You can read the first four stories by clicking here.

Raising the status of gender equality and diversity in the food world

Looking from the outside in, it appears that the Nordics have it all figured out. High rankings on the United Nations Human Development Index. Top of the class in social trust. Champions of the Sustainable Development Goals. And world leaders in gender equality. However, this does not mean that we can all sit back and relax.

Read the story here.

Follow the food: the rise of gastronomic tourism in the Nordics

The New Nordic Food movement created the perfect storm, putting the Nordic region on the global gastronomic map. But just how has food and food culture helped to transform tourism landscape?

Read the story here.

Quality food, quality of life: the socioeconomic power of gastronomy

The New Nordic Food movement has radically changed the gastronomic landscape in the Nordic region. When sitting down to a fresh glass of microbrewed beer and seasonal meal prepared by skilled chefs, it’s easy to forget that we live in a bubble. So how can we spread the positive impacts created by this new and thriving food culture?

Read the story here.

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