See you at CFS46!

From 14-18 October, I will be attending the 46th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS46) in Rome.

For me, the highlight of CFS46 is our side-event on obesogenic environments. The event is co-organized between Gehl, UNICEF, the Brazilian Ministry of Health and World Obesity Federation.

Food systems are threatening human and planetary health. What are the win-win solutions?

Our knowledge of obesogenic environments has leapt forwards in the last decade. We have a deeper understanding of the incentives to over-consume, the design of food environments, and the underlying systems that are creating the rising global health crisis. Can we turn our knowledge into practical solutions?

The side-event will focus on new and pioneering developments in policies and practices. Examples will be drawn from urban food environments (foodscapes), from government-level commitments to UN-level policies, and from the recent Lancet Commissions on sustainable food supplies and the ‘global syndemic’ of obesity, under-nutrition and global warming. The side-event will focus on practical approaches to achieve triple-action ‘win-win-wins’ for sustainable food systems.

RSVP today!

Date: 17 October 2019
Time: 18:00-19:30
Location: FAO Headquarters, Philippines Room (max. capacity 60 people – FIRST COME FIRST SERVED)

Click here to RSVP

***Note that you need to be attending CFS46 to sign up***

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