AI, Data Sharing and Food Technology – Tools for a Sustainable Planet

Our SIRI Commission food-tech report is now out!

Since the beginning of 2019, I have been a part of the SIRI Commission’s working group on food and technology. As a group, we have been discussing some of the most relevant technologies that can help us to achieve a climate-friendly and healthy food system. While the report is only available in Danish, I have translated the recommendations into English.

The SIRI Commission recommends:

That farmers, gardeners, veterinarians, agronomists, agricultural technologists, scientists, technology providers, the food industry and the retail industry come together to create a digital cooperative movement that can secure the efficient and transparent use of data:

• That win-win situations are created across stakeholder groups, where all players who participate in the data collection benefit from it on equal terms.
• That guidelines are created that allow for the exchange of data so that no data monopolies are created and that Danish manufacturers gain control over and insight into their own data.
• That faster feedback is provided by consumers about their preferences.
• That up-to-date data on environmental impacts from different types of production and food is readily available to consumers.

That Denmark invests in sustainable forms of production and nutritious foods:

• That a task force is established to help sustain good initiatives in the agricultural and food sectors, including ensuring that Danish legislation and EU regulations do not become an inappropriate obstacle to innovative solutions.
• That circular forms of production and economy are envisaged.
• That we investigate what competencies the employees of the future need to have so that we can be at the forefront of the demand for new crops.
• That the Danish use of technologies and new foods is considered in an international context, where we can help pave the way for a larger, but more sustainable food production.

The report is the 8th in a series by the SIRI Commission, which since 2016 has contributed to the debate on the opportunities and challenges of the digital society of the future. As a basis for the discussions, the Commission has produced reports and analyses on issues in transport, health, finance and food/agriculture sectors based on input from invited experts. I’m proud to be one of these experts!

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