Future Trends of Food in the Nordic-Baltic Region

Today we kicked off Future Trends of Food in the Nordic-Baltic Region, an exciting new project with the ambitious goal of changing current food production, dietary preferences and consumption habits in the region to a healthier, smarter and digitally trained system. Such a system requires using the full potential of AI-enabled solutions where the prerequisite is high-quality data in large amounts. For small countries – like those in the Nordics and Baltics – this means the ability and willingness to share relevant data among themselves.

There are three parts to the project, which will run over the course of 2020:

  1. Future Food Hackathon in Riga – Click here to find out how you can get involved!
  2. Qualitative and quantitative research on consumption patterns in the Baltic-Nordic region
  3. Megatrends analysis for the Nordic-Baltic region on future food

My role in the project is to set the research focus, participate in Hackathon mentorship, and engage in the Megatrends development process and mobilize the Nordic community to participate in the project.

The best way you can get involved right now is participating in the Future Food Hackathon in Riga. There is funding available for supporting the travel costs of early-stage startups from the Nordic region. The Hackathon will cover four themes: circular shift, food waste, new foods and digitalisation.

The Future Trends of Food in the Nordic-Baltic Region is led by the Nordic Council of Ministers Latvia Office with participation from the following organisations: SITRA (FI), MATIS (IS), Afton Halloran Consulting (DK), Nordic Food Tech (DK), Center for Food and Fermentation (EE), LitMEA (LT), Baltic Studies Centre (LV), BIOR (LV), EIT FOOD Latvia (LV).

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