Join me for at Agribusiness Academy Q&A session

The Agribusiness Academy has launched a series of upcoming interactive Q&A sessions with food & agribusiness experts. I’m excited to be one of them!

My Q&A session will be held on 14 February at 16:00-17:00 CET. I’ll be addressing the topic of Business of Alternative and Novel Foods in a Digital Age. Some of the critical questions we’ll look at are:

  • 1) How much of this transition to future foods is fuelled supported by digital innovations?
  • 2) How are these future foods transforming the consumer behaviour and what is the response of policy to these changes?
  • 3) Are all future food categories sustainable?
  • 4) Which type of value propositions would scale profitably and how would this change the incentives/profitability for different value chain players?

Make sure to register for a seat alongside learners on the Agribusiness Academy’s Food & Agribusiness Management in a Digital Age program.

Find out more about the session here.

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