In the Guardian today!

New Nordic Food is one of the best examples of Nordic cooperation in action.

Check out my interview in this Guardian long read!

The first major sign of political interest in supporting Nordic food culture and identity came after a group of 12 chefs signed the New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto in 2004. Support for bottom-up processes and innovation in the food-service sector have been a priority for Nordic co-operation ever since. National strategies have subsequently been drawn up, using food as a tool not only for attracting tourism, supporting artisans, improving hospitality, national branding and sustainable growth but also to consolidate new principles for Nordic food identity based on sustainability and good health. National resource centres spread information about local food culture, develop capacity to produce artisan food and collate important data about food behaviour trends. At the local government level, councils see food as the next frontier of the creative economy and a way of adding to the urban experience.

I had the chance to speak with Kieran Morris from the Guardian about this evolution and how policy has played a role in shaping Nordic food culture. The article features prominent voices in the Nordic food scene and also give a shout out to our Nordic Food Policy Lab Solutions Menu!

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