Managing the food system’s main asset: land

The relationship between land use and agriculture is a tale of how human beings have pushed natural resources to their limits.

For the past couple of months I have been working as a consultant-researcher for the Food Planet Prize (FPP) Secretariat. I have been scanning some of the most interesting and impactful innovations and initiatives out there for the FPP Editor’s Picks. In addition to this search, I have also researched and written an in-depth background feature on the issues facing land management worldwide. It also explores some ideas about how we can improve the state of agricultural land use. You can read the feature here.

What is the Food Planet Prize?

The Food Planet Prize rewards initiatives that support a resilient biosphere while feeding the world. The Food Planet Prize seek outs and showcases solutions at every link along the circular food chain, from soil to fork and back to the soil again. Based on the notion that radical innovation is necessary if we are to reverse our current situation, the award encourages and recognizes innovative projects that disrupt existing systems and value chains, or that venture outside them altogether. Traditional environmental strategies and measures are essential, but they will not suffice in the terrifyingly short timespan that remains before global warming and other environmental threats surpass the levels our habitat – and thus life itself – can withstand. Read more here.

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