Cookbook for Systems Change

Want to create recipes for transformation?

On 26 January, we launched the Cookbook for systems change: Nordic innovation strategies for sustainable food by Nordic Food Policy Lab of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Stockholm Resilience Centre and EAT. The Cookbook lays out an inclusive Nordic approach to implementing research and innovation-oriented missions.

The Cookbook for systems change highlights the role that a strong public innovation system can play alongside the pathways towards sustainable food systems. The book provides the ingredients – templates for developing interventions, guides for how to get started and examples of cross-cutting projects – that can be used to create recipes for change. It also offers a new, emergent way to work with complex and dynamic systems.

It has been my pleasure to be both the editor and an author of this publication! We wrote the Cookbook in an easy-to-understand format so that everyone can grasp the new concepts highlighted in the book.

Did you miss the live launch of the cookbook? You can watch it here. We invited experts from Norway, Sweden and Finland to discuss their experiences with using a mission approach! I also provided a walk through of the Cookbook content. Do not miss it!

You can read the online version of the Cookbook here and download the PDF version here.

And a special thanks to everyone who made the Cookbook for Systems Change possible!

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