From Michelin to Mission

Is the restaurant sector sustainable? What can the recent pandemic teach us? And how are restauranteurs adapting?

All too often, discussions about the importance and performance of the economy centre around interest rates, growth prospects, new products and services – as if these were the primary values that define the health of the economy. But there is so much more to the economy than this. With the help of guests from Estonia and abroad, we’re doing a health check to see if the foundations hold strong for building a future-fit economy.

The Nordic countries have set out to become the most integrated and sustainable region in the world. In doing so, they will also cooperate closely with Baltic countries. This podcast series contributes to paving the way for common values and action.

What could be more essential to the health of society and the economy than the resilience of food systems. If we fail here, the economy fails. So, what should we eat and how should it be grown?

Join me as I speak to:

  • Kristjan Peäske, the owner of two restaurants: Lore Bistro and LEE
  • Christer Bredgaard, the owner of Il Buco and La Banchina,  two popular restaurants in Copenhagen
  • Bettina Lindfors, the Executive Director of the ELO Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Food Culture

This episode is a part of a podcast series called „Nordic Sustainable Economy“. This series reflects on the economic and societal interactions in the Nordic and Baltic region. Tune in here.

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