Future steps to tackle obesity

Join us on 29 June for the “Future steps to tackle obesity – digital innovations into policy and actions” conference. This conference is co-organized by WHO/Europe and the Portuguese Ministry of Health.

A major part of preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is the capacity to develop a structural change in food environments. The widespread use of digital world in late modernity is now rising the awareness regarding the digital food environment.

The opportunities and threats created by the digital world in obesity prevention policies and actions will be discussed during this conference.

Three main questions will be addressed: 

  1. How is digital transformation influencing food consumption and what can be the long-term effects on health outcomes?
  2. How can we use digital tools to provide new models and methodologies for food related data collection and new tools to monitor obesity policies?
  3. What are the potential avenues for governments to deal with digital innovations into policy and actions to tackle obesity?

Missed the conference? You can watch all of the sessions here.

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