The Foreign Desk: Sustainable agriculture

How can we eat more sustainable? Does livestock have a future in green farming? Is small-scale farming the future? As an economic sector, agriculture accounts for almost a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions but agreement on how to reduce that is proving difficult.

Monocle’s “The Foreign Desk” has teamed up with the Nordic Council of Ministers for a new series of five special episodes that delve deeper into topics of global importance from the region.

In this episode, we hear from campaigners, farmers, ministers and foresters about how the Nordics are attempting to cut emissions from the fields and forests.

Tune into The Foreign Desk (link below) for new insights from Michael Booth and his brilliant line-up of guests:

  • Afton Halloran (PhD), Independent Consultant in Sustainable Food Systems Transitions 
  • Saara Kankaanrinta, chair of the Baltic Sea Action Group, and nominated for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2021
  • Krista Mikkonen, Finnish Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
  • Flemming Schiøtt Hansen, Founder of Stedsans in the Woods
  • Magnus Bondesson, Swedish Forest Agency
  • Lars Erik Levin, Forest owner

Tune in here.

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