New research: Sustainable food profiling models

Check our newest research published in Lancet Planetary Health! Sustainable food profiling models (SFPMs) are the scientific basis for the labelling of food products according to their environmental and nutritional impact, allowing consumers to make informed choices. We identified ten SFPMs that score individual foods according to at least two environmental indicators, with the most … Continue reading New research: Sustainable food profiling models

How To Change the Future of Our Food

This November, following the COP26 Summit, WWF-UK and How To Academy will join forces to present a series of virtual events inviting you to learn more about the climate crisis and the steps you can take to make a positive impact on nature as part of your everyday life.   The climate crisis is not an abstract problem … Continue reading How To Change the Future of Our Food

Sustainable Food in Tourism

What will the purpose of regional food in tomorrow´s tourism be? Today, I'm at the Nordic Food in Tourism conference in Iceland! My talk is about how we can better communicate the environmenal impacts associated with food systems. More about Nordic Food in Tourism: Nordic Food in Tourism is a project that consists of Nordic … Continue reading Sustainable Food in Tourism

Changing Nordic food and lifestyles: eight entry points

Transforming food systems is a shortcut to sustainable lifestyles. This was the message from more than 115 people who participated in the “Towards sustainable Nordic food systems” project. To achieve transformative change, the Nordic region can build on the shared history of collaboration. Despite the bumps on the road to 2030, four new insight papers … Continue reading Changing Nordic food and lifestyles: eight entry points

Food choices for change

How can we fix the food industry and get more sustainable food products into our shopping carts? Food production accounts for over a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, so the food industry, in particular the meat and dairy sector, needs to change radically if we want to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by … Continue reading Food choices for change

Ugly vegetables need love too

Food waste is a major environmental challenge. If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world. And to make matters worse, we throw away more than 3 million tonnes of food in the Nordics alone. In this episode of Nordic Talks, we take a closer look at how imperfect produce … Continue reading Ugly vegetables need love too

Future Trends of Food in the Nordic-Baltic Region

Today we kicked off Future Trends of Food in the Nordic-Baltic Region, an exciting new project with the ambitious goal of changing current food production, dietary preferences and consumption habits in the region to a healthier, smarter and digitally trained system. Such a system requires using the full potential of AI-enabled solutions where the prerequisite … Continue reading Future Trends of Food in the Nordic-Baltic Region

AI, Data Sharing and Food Technology – Tools for a Sustainable Planet

Our SIRI Commission food-tech report is now out! Since the beginning of 2019, I have been a part of the SIRI Commission's working group on food and technology. As a group, we have been discussing some of the most relevant technologies that can help us to achieve a climate-friendly and healthy food system. While the … Continue reading AI, Data Sharing and Food Technology – Tools for a Sustainable Planet

The Future of Green Public Procurement

How can we shift the habits, production, metrics and governance of our food systems towards sustainability? On 10 October, a group of experts within the food value chain came together to explore these questions during a side event on 'Systemic change in our food systems' at the C40 World Mayors Summit. Green public procurement of food provides … Continue reading The Future of Green Public Procurement

It’s podcast time!

Looking for something to listen to? Well... I have some recommendations for you! I absolutely love listening to podcasts. It's also a lot of fun to be invited to be a guest on a podcast. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the chance to chat with Dr. Antonella Kahler of the Female … Continue reading It’s podcast time!