The future of the HoReCa sector: economic, social and environmental sustainability

According to an EIT Food Foresight Study on the impact of COVID-19 in the agrifood sector, the HoReCa segment proved to be one of the most negatively impacted by the pandemic. Hotels, restaurants and catering businesses faced multiple challenges due to lockdowns and travel bans. What is the future of the hospitality segment in these … Continue reading The future of the HoReCa sector: economic, social and environmental sustainability

Great Taste Zero Waste

The one-day conference Great Taste – Zero Waste aims to promote sustainable food culture and provide solutions to minimize food waste. I am really excited to moderate this event! The conference will serve as a knowledge and experience exchange between the Nordics, the Baltics, and Poland — countries with different historical backgrounds and experiences when it … Continue reading Great Taste Zero Waste

From Michelin to Mission

Is the restaurant sector sustainable? What can the recent pandemic teach us? And how are restauranteurs adapting? All too often, discussions about the importance and performance of the economy centre around interest rates, growth prospects, new products and services - as if these were the primary values that define the health of the economy. But … Continue reading From Michelin to Mission

Speaking at the Change the World 2020 Conference

How do we navigate the future of food? Rather than speaking about one specific technology or idea, I want to show that we have so many different potential entry points and solutions to choose from. Change the World is the How To Academy's flagship conference that brings together the inspirational individuals and organisations forging a … Continue reading Speaking at the Change the World 2020 Conference

In the Guardian today!

New Nordic Food is one of the best examples of Nordic cooperation in action. Check out my interview in this Guardian long read! The first major sign of political interest in supporting Nordic food culture and identity came after a group of 12 chefs signed the New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto in 2004. Support for bottom-up … Continue reading In the Guardian today!

The Future of New Nordic Food (Part 2)

Here comes Part 2 of the Future of New Nordic Food series that I have been writing for the New Nordic Food Programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Did you miss Part 1? You can read the first four stories by clicking here. Raising the status of gender equality and diversity in the food … Continue reading The Future of New Nordic Food (Part 2)

The Power of Sustainable Gastronomy

I just got back from the EAT Stockholm Food Forum! What a great four days. It was fantastic to participate in lots of interesting conversations and side-events. In a highly collaborative effort, I have been contributing to the development of a number of documents that describe sustainable gastronomy initiatives around the world. All of this … Continue reading The Power of Sustainable Gastronomy

Gearing up for the EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019

Will you be attending the EAT Stockholm Food Forum?I've got my train ticket in hand and I'm gearing up to go! The Nordic Food Policy Lab will be taking part in two different events at the Forum this year. Learn more about them below: Unlocking the Alternative Protein Market11 June // 2:00 pm - 5:00 … Continue reading Gearing up for the EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019

Celebrating 5,000+ Downloads!

We're celebrating the 5,000th download of our Solutions Menu: A Nordic Guide to Sustainable Food Policy! The Solutions Menu brings the most innovative food policy solutions in the Nordic Region together in a single document. It includes 24 policies that aim to change food consumption and intends to inspire new and robust policy responses to … Continue reading Celebrating 5,000+ Downloads!

The Future of New Nordic Food (Part 1)

For the past month, I have been speaking with different people from around the Nordic region about the future of New Nordic Food. From Iceland to Finland, join me on a journey to explore the impact that a shift in food culture has had on the region and where we are headed in the future. … Continue reading The Future of New Nordic Food (Part 1)