Foodshot Workshops

Are you organising an event for new agrifood start-ups and entrepreneurs? Looking for new ways to inspire new innovation that responds to the UN Sustainable Development Goals? During my Foodshot Workshops, I guide workshop participants through a conceptualisation process that will ensure the future-relevance of their business concepts.

What is a Foodshot? The combination of a major challenge affecting the food system, a radical solution to that challenge, and a breakthrough technology that might make that solution possible, is the essence of a Foodshot.

Foodshot workshops build on Moonshot thinking: the idea that instead of a mere 10% gain, we should be aiming for a 10x improvement over what currently exists. We can make the impossible, possible.

Foodshot Workshops can be tailored to your needs. We’ll work together to develop the format that works best for you and the participants.

A Founder of a Latvian food start-up pitches her Foodshot during a workshop that I organized for EIT-Food, RTU Design Factory and the Nordic Council of Ministers Latvia Office