South London’s Changing Landscape – #2

When you want to find out about teenagers’ lifestyles and daily habits, observe them. And when you want to find out about their food choices, ask them. This was our motto in our latest foodscape research in London, and our findings surprisingly had very little to do with food. Our project in South London – … Continue reading South London’s Changing Landscape – #2

See you at CFS46!

From 14-18 October, I will be attending the 46th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS46) in Rome. For me, the highlight of CFS46 is our side-event on obesogenic environments. The event is co-organized between Gehl, UNICEF, the Brazilian Ministry of Health and World Obesity Federation. Food systems are threatening human and planetary … Continue reading See you at CFS46!

South London’s Changing Foodscape – #1

It’s been five hours since lunch, you’re running for the train and your stomach is rumbling! You must eat but the only thing in sight is fast food. It’s not ideal and certainly not healthy, but it does the trick until you get home for dinner. This is a familiar scenario for many of us … Continue reading South London’s Changing Foodscape – #1

Linking Cities and Obesogenic Behavior

Can a better understanding of the built environment help us to design the foodscape for healthy eating habits and ultimately good everyday lives? I am currently doing some work with Gehl, a well-known urban design consultancy, which looks into how the structure and design of cities impacts the way we eat. The interdependent relationship between … Continue reading Linking Cities and Obesogenic Behavior