The Foreign Desk: Sustainable agriculture

How can we eat more sustainable? Does livestock have a future in green farming? Is small-scale farming the future? As an economic sector, agriculture accounts for almost a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions but agreement on how to reduce that is proving difficult. Monocle’s “The Foreign Desk” has teamed up with the Nordic Council … Continue reading The Foreign Desk: Sustainable agriculture

Great Taste Zero Waste

The one-day conference Great Taste – Zero Waste aims to promote sustainable food culture and provide solutions to minimize food waste. I am really excited to moderate this event! The conference will serve as a knowledge and experience exchange between the Nordics, the Baltics, and Poland — countries with different historical backgrounds and experiences when it … Continue reading Great Taste Zero Waste

From Michelin to Mission

Is the restaurant sector sustainable? What can the recent pandemic teach us? And how are restauranteurs adapting? All too often, discussions about the importance and performance of the economy centre around interest rates, growth prospects, new products and services - as if these were the primary values that define the health of the economy. But … Continue reading From Michelin to Mission

Food choices for change

How can we fix the food industry and get more sustainable food products into our shopping carts? Food production accounts for over a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, so the food industry, in particular the meat and dairy sector, needs to change radically if we want to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by … Continue reading Food choices for change

Future of Food discussions at Lampa, Latvia’s conversation festival

How can we think about the future in the context of food? What should we pay attention to? What signals are important and what is just noise? On 4 September, I will be participating in Latvia's conversation festival, Lampa. Together with a leading researcher on Baltic food systems and the owner of a butcher shop, … Continue reading Future of Food discussions at Lampa, Latvia’s conversation festival

In the Guardian today!

New Nordic Food is one of the best examples of Nordic cooperation in action. Check out my interview in this Guardian long read! The first major sign of political interest in supporting Nordic food culture and identity came after a group of 12 chefs signed the New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto in 2004. Support for bottom-up … Continue reading In the Guardian today!

Future Trends of Food in the Nordic-Baltic Region

Today we kicked off Future Trends of Food in the Nordic-Baltic Region, an exciting new project with the ambitious goal of changing current food production, dietary preferences and consumption habits in the region to a healthier, smarter and digitally trained system. Such a system requires using the full potential of AI-enabled solutions where the prerequisite … Continue reading Future Trends of Food in the Nordic-Baltic Region

Terra Madre Nordic

(Updated 29.04.18: Check out our news piece on Terra Madre Nordic) Terra Madre Nordic is a gathering and celebration of the Nordic Slow Food network of small-scale, high-quality producers, activists, academics, civil society, and cooks. My colleagues from the Nordic Food Policy Lab and I will be out and about during the weekend - meeting familiar … Continue reading Terra Madre Nordic

Sowing the seeds of food disruption

I was asked to write a piece about the future of sustainable food consumption for Sustainable Growth the Nordic Way, a web magazine by the Nordic Council of Ministers. I decided to look at the topic from the point of view of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Nordic Food sector. There has never been a … Continue reading Sowing the seeds of food disruption