A food systems approach to healthy and sustainable diets in the Baltic region

Participatory multi-stakeholder processes are an indispensable part of food system transformation. However, bringing diverse groups of people together is no easy task. During the “Towards healthy and sustainable food systems in the Baltic region” workshop held in Riga from 27 February to 1 March 2019, we brought together determined and energetic stakeholders to take stock of various perspectives and initiatives using a systems approach.

We’ve written this brief to describe the different methods that were used during the workshop to draw out some of the most significant issues influencing the Baltic food system as well as the areas where there is agency to influence change.

The various methods were:

1. Multi-level perspective – how does change happen on different levels?

2. Voting with your feet – where are the most significant leverage points? Where does the group have agency?

3. Iceberg model – why have we not yet achieved sustainable and healthy diets?

Download the brief here.

Movers and shakers from the Towards Healthy and Sustainable Baltic Food Systems workshop

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