Eight opportunities for Nordic collaboration of sustainable food systems

The project Towards sustainable Nordic food systems explored what’s next in developing and implementing strategies to promote sustainable Nordic food systems. This was done through a series of dialogues between researchers and food system actors in the Nordic countries. The project was led by Amanda Wood from Stockholm Resilience Centre and supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. I was honoured to be a part of this project and to facilitate the dialogues in the five Nordic countries.

The project identified eight entry points for Nordic collaboration:

  1. Define sustainable diets in the Nordic context
  2. Accelerate a social movement towards sustainable food
  3. Develop a tool to assess the sustainability trade-offs and
    benefits of different production systems
  4. Bolster the agricultural and food sector workforce
  5. Ensure thriving countrysides and urban-rural connections
  6. Build an equitable and just food system transformation
  7. Address the out-sourced impacts of Nordic food systems
  8. Rethink a competitive export market for Nordic food

Check out the analysis of the dialogues and learn more about how the Nordic countries can play their part in food systems transformation.

Photo by Vego Media on Unsplash

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