Changing Nordic food and lifestyles: eight entry points

Transforming food systems is a shortcut to sustainable lifestyles. This was the message from more than 115 people who participated in the “Towards sustainable Nordic food systems” project. To achieve transformative change, the Nordic region can build on the shared history of collaboration. Despite the bumps on the road to 2030, four new insight papers demonstrate the potential to push food production and consumption towards a more sustainable trajectory.

Between 2019 and 2020, a series of engaging dialogues involving a wide range of perspectives were carried out in each of the Nordic countries. Participants were encouraged to think broadly about the positive and negative impacts of food system change on all aspects of sustainability, including healthy diets, environmental sustainability, and prosperous livelihoods. Now, the analyses of these dialogues have been made public.

🔹Insight Paper #1 describes the project and how it was set up.
🔹Insight Paper #2 identifies eight urgent food system challenges
shared across Nordic countries that represent opportunities for regional collaboration.
🔹Insight Paper #3 looks at what it will take to overcome the barriers currently slowing down transformation to sustainable food systems in the Nordic region.
🔹Insight Paper #4 explores the uncertainties associated with different food system futures.

You can read more about the Insight papers here.

The project, Towards sustainable Nordic Food systems, was managed by Amanda Wood from the Stockholm Resilience Centre together with lead investigator Line Gordon. I facilitated the five dialogues in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The Nordic Council of Ministers provided financial support for the project.

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